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Questions and Answers about Panchakarma

How many days does the Panchakarma treatment last?
A complete Panchakarma cure can be from a minimum of 3 days to 12/21 days or more. The treatment includes a deep detoxifying procedure. We recommend the following options: 3 days as an initial trial 7/10 days of treatment for prevention revitalization and treatment of any conditions 14 days for severe disorders, 21 days for severe chronic disorders. Shorter treatment periods can lead to pleasant relaxation, but they do not have the same purifying effect as a full Panchakarma therapy.

What kind of disease does Panchakarma cure?
Panchakarma helps restore the balance of the entire physiology and thus helps with chronic, physical, mental and emotional illnesses and most importantly prevents the formation of diseases.

For what type of disease is Panchakarma treatment not recommended?
Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment is not recommended in cases of chronic diseases in the acute phase and in cases of acute inflammation. Full treatment is not recommended for physically very debilitated people and pregnant women. It is advisable in such cases to visit with one of our Ayurvedic physicians who will be able to prescribe Maharishi Ayurveda preparations and treatments most appropriate to the situation; Panchakarma can then be performed at a later time at the physician’s discretion.

Are Ayurvedic treatments and Panchakarma reimbursable by the health care system?
NO, they are not reimbursable by the Italian health care system because Ayurvedic medicine is not yet recognized by the national health care system. Proposed laws for the recognition of holistic medicines including Ayurveda have been submitted to the Ministry of Health.

Does one have to make reservations to get treatment at your center?
Yes, you have to make a reservation as there is also a pre-treatment phase to be performed at home that has to be arranged with the Ayurvedic doctor. Panchakarma treatment must be booked at least one week in advance.

What do I need to know for pre-treatment at home?
Panchakarma treatment involves pre-treatment. To further enhance the effects of the Panchakarma treatment, a few days before the start of the treatment, favor a vegetarian diet, have a light dinner of soups and drink plenty of hot water. This should be boiled for at least 10 minutes stored in a thermos. Our Ayurvedic doctor will give you a personalized pre-treatment diet.

What diet should be taken during treatment?
The diet includes an absolutely Ayurvedic vegetarian and organic cuisine. For guests taking full Panchakarma treatment, an individualized diet will be determined by the doctor at the beginning of treatment.

Is the Panchakarma treatment also good for weight loss?
In general, you can lose a few pounds after a few days of treatment. On the other hand, those who are underweight will follow an appropriate diet that will not cause them to lose weight.

What is the difference between a Panchakarma treatment in Italy and in one of Ayurveda’s countries of origin?
The journey one undertakes to do a Panchakarma in India causes some of the benefit of the cure to be lost since, just because of the journey, the imbalance of Vata is increased. In fact, it would be advisable for a few more days after the treatment to adopt a relaxed and quiet lifestyle regimen. The standards of quality and efficiency and sanitary hygiene for health care are considered by us to be at the highest level, whereas in several clinics in the East they do not reach our levels. In addition, Maharishi Ayurveda medicine treatments are performed according to the original techniques handed down by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi while in the East it is very common to find clinics that do not practice Maharishi Ayurveda.

Questions and answers about Ayurvedic Treatments and Packages

Is there a specific day of arrival?
No, you can arrive or leave any day of the week. Treatment can also be started on any day of the week.

Is the Rejuvenation package a Panchakarma cure?
Yes, the Rejuvenation package is a Panchakarma treatment in its own right and with in addition some specific treatments to rejuvenate our cells and tissues

How many days does the Slimming package last?
The Slimming package is recommended for 5 days, but can also be booked for a longer period. A shorter duration of treatment is not recommended as it may impair the duration of the treatment effect.

Do the Slimming packages include a special detachment?
Yes, Ayurvedic doctors will develop a nutritional plan for you. The center’s Ayurvedic restaurant offers a variety of tasty, varied and nutritious dishes, and you will have no difficulty following the nutritional advice of the doctors

How long does the Purification package last?
The Purification treatment package is designed for a treatment duration of at least 10 days up to 14 and more. The therapies used aim for a deeper and more lasting improvement in physiology and therefore take time.

Is the Remise en Forme package a true Ayurvedic cure ?
The Remise en Form package is a Panchakarma cure, which includes elements of Panchakarma therapy aimed at regeneration and stress reduction. The treatments and techniques used make people experience deep physical and mental regeneration

Is there an Immunization Package? Is it a Panchakarma cure?
Yes it is a Panchakarma cure. The Immunization Package offers the best to slow down the aging process and strengthen the immune system.

Is there a Beauty Package?
Yes, we have designed a Beauty Package where the proposed treatments aim to care for the skin, its aesthetic value and health status; special routines, Ayurvedic medicinal plant preparations, face masks.

How successful are your proposed packages ?
Our proposed packages lead to significant success in almost all cases. They are designed to be effective, durable, and provide immediate benefits right away. The goal of the treatment is also to change the metabolism for a radical change in our physiology and to balance the three Doshas in a way.

Why can’t I book the package for a short stay?
Packages are designed for a minimum duration of at least 5 days. The change in metabolism takes time. The treatment would not be effective with a duration of less than 5 days and therefore cannot be booked for less than 5 days.

We have for shorter periods designed stays starting from three days with basic Panchakarma; for a taste and to personally experience the effects of the treatments. Basic panchakarma packages can go up to 10 days or more; they are in effect the basis of purification programs

What distinguishes basic Panchakarma from other Packages?
We offer the basic Panchakarma formula for those who have only a few days available for treatments, so they can be given a chance to get closer to Ayurveda.

The treatments carried out in basic Panchakarma are the basic treatments of every Panchakarma, effective for optimal purification.

Three treatments per day are provided in the basic Panchakarma and are the basis of Panchakarma

How many days does the Rejuvenation package last?
The Rejuvenation Package lasts for 7 days. The benefits of each Ayurvedic treatment blend together, and the processes initiated in the body take time. Therefore we recommend at least 7 days. Treatment can also be booked for a longer stay.

What is the Maharishi Treatment of the Light of Gems?
It is a treatment that realigns our energy centers and helps to harmonize physiological functions and create more mental clarity.

What is Transcendental Meditation?
Transcendental meditation is a simple mental technique that improves every aspect of our lives.

It is easily practiced for 20 minutes twice a day.

How long is the daily Ayurvedic treatment time ?
The treatment time depends on the duration of treatment prescribed by the doctor, which you will receive on that day. In general, the treatment time is between 90 and 120 minutes. Some days treatments may be longer or shorter.

Can I add individual treatments?
Yes, in principle it is possible if there are no contraindications. You can discuss this with your Ayurvedic doctor on site.

What do Ayurvedic packages include and what is not included?
Ayurvedic packages include:

  • Accommodation in the room category booked
  • Daily ayurvedic treatment according to the package booked
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian full board.
  • Daily medical consultation
  • Final consultation with physicians
  • Composition of an individual ayurvedic diet plan
  • Extensive personal lifestyle and daily routine program

The following services are included free of charge in each 7-day/6-night minimum Program

  • Composition of an individual ayurvedic diet plan
  • Extensive personal lifestyle and daily routine program
  • Listening to Gandharva-Veda Music
  • An afternoon sightseeing tour in Orta San Giulio
  • Transfers to and from Malpensa International Airport and the nearest train stations

I would like to treat a specific disease. How can I find the right Ayurvedic Package?
You can also send us your patient data. Ayurvedic doctors will evaluate the most suitable Package for your clinical picture.

Of course we treat all your information confidentially

I would like to do an Ayurvedic Package as a preventive measure. Which Ayurvedic Package do you recommend?
The Rejuvenation Package, Purification Package and Detoxifying Treatment Package are ideal for preventive health. The Rejuvenation Package is about increasing your well-being. The Body Purification Package is the classic Ayurvedic treatment aimed at restoring balance to the body and spirit. The Rejuvenation Treatment Package is the Ayurvedic Package that also helps improve the appearance of your skin as well.

Do you have translators for medical examinations if I don’t understand everything?Yes,we have staff who speak several languages.

Can I change the treatment package on the spot?
Yes it is possible. The change may incur an additional cost if the new package chosen is more expensive than the one booked.

Questions and answers about package prices

How much does an Ayurvedic Package cost?
You can find Ayurvedic Package prices and Hotel stay here

Do you have more questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions. Please use the form at the bottom of this page. We will answer your question as soon as possible. For health problems, we will clarify your question with our doctors If you wish to be called back, please write your phone number in the message.


Do I have Internet in the Room?
During the treatment period, it is important to relax as much as possible. Disturbances should be avoided. The rooms have WiFi connections, but it is recommended to have no outside stimuli and to experience this time of purification in peace.

We would like to share a room. Is it possible ?
Yes is allowed if you want to stay in a double room

How far is the lake?
The hotel is lakefront

Do you also have single rooms?
All rooms are double single use, but it is also possible to book double room for two people

I have limited mobility. What should I know?
Not all accommodations may be suitable for your condition. Please inform us about your needs in your request.

We are two friends. Can we have rooms next to each other?
Inform us as soon as possible, we will try to fulfill your wish. Please understand that this may not be guaranteed and may not be possible in all cases.

My friend does not wish to do the treatments. Can you come as a chaperone?
Yes it is not a problem.

Can I change the treatment package on the spot?
Yes it is possible. The change may incur an additional cost if the new package chosen is more expensive than the one booked.


How do I make a reservation?
It is easy. Fill out our quote request form found in the “Reservation” link. Choose the Ayurvedic Package, arrival and departure date, room in Hotel and email us the form. You will receive a personalized no-obligation offer and instructions for booking your stay at the Hotel. Or call us at + 39 3386920706

How do I know if I have booked with you?
Pay attention to our logo: Maharishi Lake Orta Ayurveda Center. We operate only under this name. You can find us on the Internet at

You can book directly with our contacts. We are not operated by Or by others. If in doubt, contact us.

When will I receive the offer?
Normally, you will receive your personalized offer within two business days after you send us the reservation form. If you still have not heard from us after this period, please contact us.

What happens if I do not receive an offer?
Check the Spam folder: if it is not even in the spam folder? Perhaps you made a typo in entering your email address? Please feel free to contact us.

How can I confirm the offer?
After you have received and accepted our offer, you will receive a Password with which you can access the special agreement with L’Hotel L’Approdo and definitely confirm your stay.

You can write to us at: -or call us at +39 0322 076858 for information.

Who can I turn to if I still have questions?
Please feel free to contact us. We are at your disposal.

What happens if my desired room is not available during the request period?
In that case we will try to offer you a similar category of accommodation

Check-in time?
Note that check-in is at 12 noon. If your room is available in advance, you can get it immediately. However, this is often not possible, especially in the high season.

How can I cancel a confirmed reservation?
Please contact us. The exact conditions can be found in our Tariffs 2021 brochure under Terms and Conditions

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and bank transfers. In addition to credit cards, you can also pay in Euro cash.

Is a down payment made upon completion of the reservation?
No. Only your credit card number is required to guarantee your reservation. Payment of the final balance will be made at your check-out. You can find more information about payment methods here: Terms and Conditions

What distinguishes Maharishi Lake Orta Ayurveda Center from other Ayurvedic centers?
Maharishi Lake Orta Ayurveda Center is one of the first Ayurvedic Centers in Italy. The facility is run by people who are experts in Ayurveda and has specialized Ayurvedic doctors and therapists. We have years of experience behind us and hundreds of guests who have experienced authentic Maharishi Ayurveda with us. Our service office will be your knowledgeable contact regarding Ayurveda before and after treatment. Our mission is to put all our experience and expertise at the service of our guests to offer them a unique experience.

Are there other Maharishi Ayurveda centers in Italy?
No, in Italy we are the only Maharishi Ayurveda Center. There are other Maharishi Ayurveda centers but in other nations of Europe and India

How does Maharishi Lake Orta Ayurveda Center ensure the quality of service?
Maharishi Ayurveda” is a mark of quality and authenticity. It is recognized by the All India Ayurvedic Congress (most renowned association of Vaidya-Ayurvedic Doctors), and AYUSH (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India). We are members of the Italian Maharishi Ayurveda Association.

We are a team of ayurveda experts guarantees the quality of services. We have 30 years of experience in Maharishi Ayurveda.We have hosted hundreds of guests. The vast majority of clients rate their treatment at the end of their stay in the “Guest Feedback Form.” Your suggestions and criticisms are discussed and taken into consideration to improve the quality of our services.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

We have people who will be happy to advise you before and after the Ayurvedic treatment. You can find our contact persons here:

+39 0322 076858
Of course we treat all your information confidentially


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