Through Panchakarma treatment, excess Doshas are eliminated from the body, digestive power and metabolism are strengthened, diseases are cured, and normal health is restored. The sense faculties, mind and intelligence become clearer. The person gains strength, robustness, virility and progeny. Aging is slowed and health preserved until later in life.

Panchakarma in ancient India was reserved for royal families who used it to preserve vitality and youth. Panchakarma is a procedure used by Maharishi Ayurveda for disease prevention. It is a very pleasant and relaxing treatment that activates the body’s self-healing power.

The uniqueness of Maharishi Panchakarma lies in the effective purification of physiology, the gentleness of treatments in order to achieve a state of grace and joy accompanied by mental clarity and lasting physical well-being.

In fact, Panchakarma is a purification method for removing impurities from the physiology. Although purification and elimination of toxins are natural functions for our bodies, it may happen that under certain conditions these mechanisms fail; therefore, preparation for Panchakarma is to mobilize toxins from the tissues and then be removed from the body.

Each treatment is individualized because it is based on the individual patient’s Dosha imbalance. Panchakarma can be prescribed for three days as a tasting, five or seven days as standard time, up to ten or more days. For maximum preventive effectiveness, treatment should be followed at each change of season so as to rebalance the Dosha that has been most influential and therefore potentially unbalanced at that time of year.

Performed periodically determines:

  • Improved mood.
  • Improved digestive and evacuation functions and sleep quality.
  • Weight normalization.
  • Rejuvenation.
  • Increased weight flexibility.
  • Increased energy and vitality.

Individual treatments can also be experienced, resulting in a great effect of well-being and relaxation.

Panchakarma is derived from the classical Ayurvedic texts and means exactly “5 actions” even though Maharishi Ayurveda actually uses the most effective and gentle ones. In short, Panchakarma works as an integrated sequence of procedures that together, move impurities out of the cells and away from the body. Here are the milestones:

1. Pre-treatment
2. Treatment at the Panchakarma center
3. Post-treatment


1. Ensuring physiology more rest therefore:

– It is advisable to go to bed early (no later than 10 p.m.).
– Night rest should not be disturbed.
– Avoiding sexual intercourse.
– Minimize work engagement and physical activity during the day.
– Avoid sleeping during the day.

2. Protect physiology from stressful stimuli therefore:

– Better to suspend all sports activities.
– Avoid violent stimuli (e.g., lights, noises).
– Avoid exposure to drafts and cold.
– Stay in warm environments and use only hot water for bathing or showering.


During the days of ghee intake, feed only when you have digested the ghee (wait at least 2 to 3 hours after taking it). A few hours after taking ghee, one can have lunch and dinner normally but with light, well-cooked foods. Avoid meat, fish, cheese, eggs and raw vegetables during pre-treatment.

VIRECHANA DAY (castor oil intake).

After the first three days of oiling, one day of rest (Day 4) is needed to allow toxins to be mobilized, after which Day 5 is Virechana day.
In the morning on an empty stomach, take in the amounts indicated by your Ayurvedic doctor castor oil previously heated in a water bath (if it is particularly nauseating, castor oil can be mixed with half a glass of warmed orange juice or half a glass of warm sweetened milk).

Do not eat breakfast but drink a few sips of hot water or light herbal tea often. One can start feeding only when the evacuative discharges end. At lunch, try to take foods in modest amounts, light and well cooked. For dinner, prefer vegetable soup or peya (1 part rice + 1 part dhal + 4 parts water, cooked for about half an hour with a pinch of salt, ginger and cumin) and if you have a big appetite some steamed vegetables.


During this phase, one receives pleasant four-handed massages (Abhyanga, Vishes, Udvartana, Pizichilli, etc.), therapies with gentle herbalized saunas (Swedana) and others that precede the gentle cleansing and intestinal nourishment phases performed with gentle balancing enemas.

3. Post-treatment

At the end of the Panchakarma treatment returned to your home you should follow the following directions:

– Continue to eat a diet that is light, digestible and made up of cooked, hot foods.
– Avoid resuming sports activity for 3/5/7 days (equal to the number of Panchakarma days performed).
– After this period, resume your usual diet and activities gradually while trying to put into practice the dietary advice learned during consultations with your doctor.
– The Panchakarma we propose, incorporates a deeper and more effective number and sequence of treatments, in line with the centers directed by Dr. Raju and his family Vaidya (present at certain times of the year at our center)


Abhyanga: 4-hand massage with fine oils
Shirodhara: flow of warm oil on forehead very relaxing for synchronization of the two cerebral hemispheres

Svedana: gentle sauna with herbalized oils. It is performed every other day at Shirodhara to increase the flow of toxin elimination from the body

Matra or Shodana Vasti: detoxifying enemas
Special treatments such as:

Pizzichilli: continuous flow of hot and abundant oil performed in synchrony by two technicians in absolute silence

Patra Potali: massage with herbalized boluses

Shirobasti: oil hat on head

Pindasveda: rice bolus massage

Udvartana: massage with herbalized flours
In this case, a variation will be applied to the standard cost as shown in the table

Vishesh: massage with increased muscle pressure Garshan: massage with raw silk gloves. In this case the cost will not change.

Special and precious oils from the ancient Ayurvedic tradition are used in all our treatments.

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